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A voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone system is a simple and easy communications solution which allows multimedia communications through the internet rather than the public switched telephone network. This allows voice calls, text messages, or video calls to be made with a single data network connection. Such a system saves money by removing the need for a telephone service, and instead utilizing the internet for calls and communication. When calls are made using an internet connection, long-distance call charges are usually avoided, and speeds are increased.


Star2Star communications is a hosted VOIP solution offered by Datel Corp. for lease or purchase. Star2Star offers a single product which provides a desktop phone, cellphone capability, headset connectivity, voicemail capability, and auto attendant. All platforms are connected through a unique cloud architecture with no on-site hardware requirement. Because of this, the application is customizable to any business model.


The application of Star2Star communications increases business productivity for several reasons. Its 99.9% reliability means employees will never waste time troubleshooting errors. Calls and other communications will not be halted while devices are down. In addition, the application provides the ability to login to a virtual workspace from any device. This is a productive function for those employees who work both at home and the office, or for those who work from remote places. Star2Star also provides a high level of security through encryption and access controls. For these reasons, Star2Star is a productivity-increasing and reliable option for VOIP communication solutions.


For companies looking to reduce operation costs through the use of VOIP, Star2Star is a great option offered by Datel Corp. Through its cloud architecture, Star2Star offers reliability, customization, and flexibility both for employees who work in a traditional office setting, as well as those who work remotely.

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