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The days of dependency on a landline cable to conduct business telephone communications are over. By taking advantage of Voice Over Internet Protocol systems your company will not only experience convenience for years to come, but also may save money on the monthly bill by making calls with internet instead of through a phone company.

Your company may already be using a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. If not, VoIP system is a convenient and simple way to connect all your company’s extensions. Instead of calls requiring a phone line, they simply require a router. This is a good option if you have employees who work from home and need to access their data and messages from a remote location. Employees may use a traditional phone or a “soft phone” on their laptop. VoIP may make international calls free, or close to it, as you will be billed only for data. This is a very versatile system and could benefit many businesses greatly.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is another fantastic way to decrease your company’s phone operating costs. This is an even better choice than VoIP if your company has many remote workers, multiple buildings and locations, or has a high capacity of incoming calls. SIP Trunking allows your telephone service to work over the internet, much in the same way as VoIP, but on a broader scope.


A SIP trunk is installed wirelessly and does not require cables or lines. Unlike VoIP phones, SIP phones do not require a computer to function, but only a modem. In this way, SIP cuts costs not only for incoming and outgoing phone calls, but also for IT costs. Less maintenance is required, cutting even greater costs and frustrations. The SIP trunk is a wireless connection between physical phone systems and the Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). Employees who are working remotely may login to any extension to access their messages and use their phone while still connected to your network. Not only do SIP Trunks allow for the sending of voice messages, but also video calls.

Both VoIP and SIP systems are great options that can allow your company to experience higher call quality and to cut costs. Depending on your business size, amount of telephone use, and business requirements, it can be easily determined which system is right for your business needs.

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